Brain Training for Dogs | By Adrienne Farricelli

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The Brain Training for Dogs is a program that aims to engage your pet mentally so you can unleash their ‘hidden intelligence’ as a way to fix bad behavior. It’s an innovative program that uses playtime and command recall to raise a disciplined and well-mannered dog. On this Brain Training for Dogs reviews, we will take a look at its structure and efficiency.

At some point, every dog owner went gaga over training their dogs at home. Everyone wants their pet to learn a new trick that they can brag when friends come over. But you have to remember that although the results are fun, the process needs a lot of patience and knowledge


The premise of this program is building your dog’s trust and confidence in you and teaching it the tricks included in the book. With the use of positive reinforcement and rewards, you can pave the way to teaching your dog more commands.

Take note that the Brain Training for Dogs doesn’t just bribe the canine. Later on in the program, you’ll be taught how to start ditching the food reward and replacing it with another motivation.

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