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What Is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is a training center and community on how to create your own info products to sell online. You can also learn how to market other people’s products via affiliate marketing.

Clickbank University offers TWO different training programs for TWO types of people.

Their main training is about publishing your own info-products. That means you would create an ebook or video training series, then market it online.

The other training (included in the membership), is for training affiliates to sell other people’s products online. This is what I do to make money.

Clickbank University (CBU) has some pretty good affiliate training, but in comparison to newer, better courses, they just can’t compete. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a decade now. If you want to be an affiliate and build affiliate websites, there are much better options for courses.  In particular, my top recommendation is this affiliate training center. They’ve been around for 15 years, and have produced thousands of success stories (some of which I’ve personally mentored, since 2012).

The Fine Print

By becoming an affiliate you agree to the following terms:

  • You will follow all FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing –
  • You will not engage in any negative marketing. This means no marketing in which you use negative words in order to get attention then promote the product with your affiliate link.
  • You are not allowed to purchase the product under your own affiliate link.
  • Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use search engine PPC or other keyword based advertising targeting “ClickBank” or “ClickBank University” as keywords.
  • You need to add a disclaimer stating “ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by [___], an independent marketing affiliate.”
  • In no way may you copy our sales page content such as our sales letter, video, or images in an effort to imitate ClickBank University on your own site.

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